We promised to review all the participants data till midday Wednesday week after and to nominate the winners.

And we did it! (Sorry for being a bit late with the Award Ceremony, and thanks a lot for the patience!)

But first, let me quote some of our participants:

Kevin Languasco (@kevinalh):

@pomodoneapp #Challenge42 completed! :) Pomodone + Todoist is like a match made in heaven.
[The week was] Less exhausting than usual. It feels good when you stop procrastinating and end up with more free time in your hands at the end

Mick Hohmann (@mickimnet):

What a week! Thanks for the #Challenge42 I’m loving my #GTD trio @todoist, @pomodoneapp and @trello

Kambiz Tavabi (@Cambysese):

Getting shit done with @pomodoneapp and @todoist integration.

We're happy to see so much attention, focus and productivity during this week (and the next one). There were about 200 participants, and the results list is exciting. We re-checked short list with pure 25 minutes long timers several times.

There are 14 finalists with more than 42 timers during the week. We're sending special congratulations email to each finalist with our gratitude and hope, that the week itself and #Challenge42 were helpful and productive.

And here we are with The Winners!

"Challenge42 Todoist PomoDone Winners"

Crazy 87 (EIGHTY SEVEN) Pomodoro Timers

were tracked by Mick Hohmann - Absolute 1st Prize, 6 full months of Todoist Premim and 6 full months of PomoDone Ultimate Plan.

Awesome 59 (FIFTY NINE) Pomodoro Timers

were tracked by Ioan Bledea - 2nd Prize.

Perfect 50 (FIFTY) Pomodoro Timers

were tracked by Олег Цой - The bronze. We do appreciate all other participants and are sending special Promo Codes for 1 month free Ultimate Plans and 20% discount offer for our Premium Plans.

As a huge thanks for your support and attention we'd be happy to offer everyone who follows our #Challenge42 our specials: 2 weeks Ultimate Plan Free trial and 10% discount for all Premium Plans.

Let's keep in touch and focus on what's important - and get a life!