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What is the difference between the free app downloaded from the website and the Paid App Store / Win Store version?

The core functionality of both versions are the same, both versions have basic and premium features:

Premium Features are:

For the free apps, these features depend on Premium Plans, for App Store versions these features are available for any plan users (including free Starter Plan).

If you purchase App Store version for €4.99, you are automatically being upgraded to the 2 months long Ultimate Plan (worth €10), unless you're already Premium Plan user.

If you purchase Lite or Ultimate plan, you will receive a redeem code to download App Store version for free.

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What is a PomoDone App's Tag and how can I use it?

Tags are the sort of labels you can apply to your projects (local ones and synced from your existing external task management systems) to let you filter your log afterwards.

By default, there are 2 tags: Private and Corporate, but as a Premium Plan user you can create and use as many tags as you like.

Please keep in mind, your timers are being saved with the current tag you have applied to the project, so your tag re-assignment won't affect the history of your work.

Manage your tags on your Profile Settings Page.

What is PomoDone App's Local Projects Management?

The PomoDone App is an integrated tool which works seamlessly with your existing Project/Task/Notes/Events management system (Trello, Wunderlist etc), but if you're a fan of paper notebooks, or haven't decided which one to use yet, you can create & manage tasks within the PomoDone App, without the use of any 3rd party integration.

We already created 2 projects for this purpose (in Local folder): "Local Stuff" and "Web" (this one is dedicated to the Tasks created using the PomoDone App Chrome Extension). You can create, rename, remove and rearrange the tasks within these 2 projects.

You can create new projects in Local Folder if you're a Premium Plan user (or use App/Win Store version).

If you use our Zapier integration to import tasks from a source we don't have direct integration with yet, you can create a special folder to organize such an import (e.g. Google Tasks, or Github Issues) and configure Zaps to fill it out.

I purchased the Student or Lite plan, and can't connect my Asana/Basecamp/JIRA account. What's wrong?

Starter, Student and Lite plans have a limited list of connectable services. You can connect the following services to these plans: Trello, Wunderlist, Todoist, Evernote, Google Calendar, Microsoft To-Do, Toodledo.

Integration with JIRA, ASANA, Basecamp, Pivotal Tracker, Teamwork Projects and other Enterprise level services are available for the Ultimate Plan users only.

If you'd like to try before buying, just let us know and we'll be happy to provide an Ultimate Plan Trial Period promo code for you and your colleagues.

We are working on providing some of these features as paid add-ons to other Premium Plans.

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