If you've been keeping up with your account settings in PomoDone, you've probably seen Microsoft ToDo in your integrations list.

How do I connect PomoDone App and Google Tasks?

This is one of our oldest integrations and it's time to give it some love. This simple and easy to use project management app allows you to manage your workflow across devices, and with PomoDone, you can track how much time goes where so you can improve your productivity.

Since it's been on our integrations list for quite a while, it's important to note a few things about Microsoft ToDo that our users have asked us about.

First, My Day in Microsoft ToDo is a way to drop tasks from projects into a single day within the app. While this is a neat idea, there is no way to track time with it using PomoDone, since it does not abide by due dates. Unfortunately, My Day is not available through Microsoft's API so to this day, it cannot be synced with PomoDone App.

The good people from Microsoft haven't given us an ETA about this issue yet, but you can always use this link to remind them about it.

Second, Microsoft ToDo allows Steps, which are essentially subtasks in their project management workflow. Once again, these are not supported by their API either, and there's no ETA, so they cannot be shown in PomoDone.

Finally, ToDo allows special sorting features (by alphabetical order or date, for example), which are not passed through their API. This means that while the sorting works in Microsoft ToDo, there's no way to see it through the PomoDone App.

Besides the small issues with API, this integration is as simple to use as it gets. Once again, if you wish to give Microsoft a reminder about the API issue, feel free to use the link above.

What would you like to know and what would be the best way to share this information to you? What is the best tips & tricks, what workaround do you use? We'd really appreciate your insight on these ones to make our integrations better, more productive and much more efficient. Comments, tweets are always welcome.