As a student enrolled in the PomoDone Student Program you can:

The PomoDone Student Program is a part of Github Education's Student Developer Pack and provides free access to PomoDone App premium services, included in Lite Plan, while the participant remains a student.

The PomoDone Student Program does NOT include: Team Management, unlimited log access, integrations with corporate type of project management tools (JIRA, Asana, Nozbe, Paymo, Teamwork, Basecamp, ClickUp, Zenkit).

How to upgrade?

Open your PomoDone Profile page, connect your PomoDone Account to your GitHub Student Developer Pack account, and get Lite plan upgrade for free:

how it works

Are you PomoDone user and would like to upgrade to our Lite plan for free right now?

Read our Getting Started tutorial and feel free to contact us for support via our Contact Form or via email.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I upgrade if I already have free PomoDone account?

Sure, you can. Upgrade for free to the Lite Plan by clicking the "Free Lite Plan via Github Student Developer Pack" button in the top right corner of your PomoDone Profile Settings page.

Can I get more than 1 PomoDone App account upgraded for the same Github Student Developer Pack account?

Unfortunately, you can't. Github Student Developer Pack members may only upgrade one PomoDone App account to the Lite plan for free.

Why is my email required for the student developer program?

When you sign up for a PomoDone account we promise to not to spam you or share your contact information without your permission. There are however many features that may result in emails. For example you may configure daily, weekly and monthly reports.

In addition to in-application features, when you register for the program we can add you to our monthly newsletter, which provides tips and guides to help you monitor systems better, along with information about new features and integrations. We may also reach out from time to time to share educational resources about monitoring best practices that may help you in your studies. However, you can unsubscribe anytime.

Finally, if your membership in the student program ends our team may reach out to discussion options for continuing to use the service.

Privacy and security are of the utmost importance to PomoDone. Student Accounts are covered under PomoDone’s privacy policy.

My student developer account has expired, but I am still a student. Can I renew?

We are happy to extend your discount as long as you continue to be an active member of the GitHub Student Developer Pack.

I'd like to use Ultimate plan or an Add-on, can I have some discount?

Certainly, we provide 50% discount for all our Add-ons and for the Ultimate plan for Students, Educators and some non-profits. Please contact us and we'll sort things out.

I am an educator and would like to use PomoDone App in my curriculum.

Please use our contact and feedback form. We are happy to provide 50% discount for compliant educational staff and some non-profit organizations.